3 March 2020

Silver economy

There are 15 million over-60s today => there will be 24 million in 2060.

8% of the over-60s are considered dependent, i.e. 1,200,000 people => 1,950,000 people in 2060.

4 to 10% undernourished at home up to 60 to 90% in institutional or hospital settings.
=> these people require adapted “care” and in particular the means to enable family and professional carers to easily provide effective and personalised nutritional monitoring.

The penetration of new digital technologies is important among seniors :

  • They regularly use the Internet: 45% of the over 50s connect to the Internet at least once a day.
  • They buy online: 25% are regular purchasers and 64% have already bought online.
  • They are equipped with digital tools: 69% have a computer and 71% a mobile phone.
  • They are more and more “assisted” within the framework of home support (communication, falls).