3 March 2020

The actors of the project

With more than 140 employees, Atol Conseils et Développements designs and develops web or mobile business applications with a project approach forged on values of commitment, business involvement, sustainable development, agility and technical excellence. Atol Conseils et Développements helps its clients to convert the potential offered by information technology to improve their processes and produce concrete added value for their organization. Design, development, exploitation (Devops), Atol CD offers a 360 approach with the consideration of digital communication issues, industrialization of processes (business, documentaries), optimization of decision support tools. As a recognized open source integrator, Atol CD offers expertise on high level solutions in areas such as EDM/BPM (1st Alfresco integrator in France), business intelligence (Talend, reference integrator of Pentaho in France…), geographic information systems (Geoserver, PostGis…), or a cloud offer for its customers (OpenStack, Ceph…) https://www.atolcd.com

The Geriatric Research Unit of the Pôle Personnes Agées of the Centre hospitalier et universitaire (CHU) Dijon Bourgogne is a structure dedicated to the knowledge of nutrition for the elderly. This unit initiates work on food and nutritional strategies to improve the pleasure of eating and food intake in the elderly with the aim of preventing undernutrition in this population. Funded by both public and private funds, the collaborative research projects implemented aim to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of ageing and to provide food and nutritional solutions adapted to the capacities of this often fragile and undernourished population. This unit also carries out participatory projects in conjunction with field professionals from the medical, paramedical and medico-social fields in order to combine applicability in the field and nutritional effectiveness for the elderly population. www.chu-dijon.fr/fr

Yumain, ex-GlobalSensing Technologies (GST) approaches the field of “computer vision” through two activities: systems engineering and the publishing of intelligent recognition solutions. The three following areas of expertise, Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Electronics, constitute the pillars of his know-how. They are essential for success in such a field. As a result, Yumain offers breakthrough solutions (99.9% success rate) for delicate use cases such as the detection, search and identification of complex shapes in images. Yumain is known for equipping, managing and empowering connected objects with a local and/or remote intelligent system. Its goal is to provide customers with solutions dedicated to their operating safety. They concern predictive maintenance, safety of equipment and people. They provide a significant and rapid return on investment. https://yumain.fr/fr/accueil/